Our Lady of Sorrows and the Heartbeat of Faith

The sorrows of our times allows us to be like Mary.

Having vs. Exalting the Cross

Raising our crosses high rather than simply carrying them will determine their redemptive effects in our lives.

The Heart of God: Poco a Poco

His Heart is for you.

Diving Deeper: A School of Poco a Poco

Practical tips to create an environment where we can profoundly encounter the heart of God.

Simone Biles, Abortion and Responding to False Teachers

Responding to clear denials of Church teaching with humility and logic.

The Poco a Poco Podcast with the CFRs

Intimacy with Jesus Christ is a real possibility.

The Anti-Human Attempt to Remove Sex from Birth Certificates

Remembering how our bodies reveal who we are and what will bring fulfillment.

St. John Vianney’s Roadmap for Crushing Evil

Prayer and charity sound simple, but they are the answer.

A Priest on the Catholic Response to Cancel Culture

What can do we against the culture surrounding us?

What Did Pope Francis Do and Why?

Why make a declaration on the Latin Mass?

St. Benedict: Withdrawing From the World to Save It

The Rule of Benedict is for those in the world.

Staying With the Catholic Church

Knowing who she is and how Christ founded her is all the reason we need.

Washington’s Inaugural Address: Rely on Truth and God

David beats Goliath when truth and God are our reliance.

We Need the Freedom that Built America

Our country was grounded on God, so it must remain steadfast to its roots.

Rescue Missions at Dunkirk and Pentecost

We are being called into our boats to save those who are in trouble.

The Sweetest Obligation Ever Imposed

The beauty and necessity of the Sunday obligation.

Choosing Matthias: Much More Than Mere Casting Lots

We are all chosen.

Anamnesis and the Key to Mass

We are placed at the one moment and time when he suffered and died for us.

The Most Political and Misguided Year in Sports

Rational debate must lead the way over divisive tactics.

The Church Should Not Return to Normal

Going back to normal means that normal was productive.

Cardinal Dolan is Right: It’s Time to Get Yourself Back to Church In Person

Worship is essential and necessary, so go back to church.

John the Baptist: Pay Attention

Everything this saint has to say regards directing out eyes to Christ.

Habits for Holiness: A Mission of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Let Him find you and allow Him to see you.

Holy Saturday: Between Despair and Hope

The forgotten day is so needed.

A World in Crisis Needs Good Friday

Shatter your life open and become like Him.

Religion, Culture and Pandemic Worship

Culture is based on what we worship and worship must be restored.

The Annunciation’s Message to Women and Culture

Say yes, and allow God’s authority to rule your life.

Turning to St. Joseph as a Rookie Father

The future is uncertain, but God’s presence is not.

Calling Forth Faith: St. Patrick and St. Joseph

The lessons these two amazing saints call us to emulate.

There’s A Lot More to St. Patrick Than Shamrocks and Guinness

“The giant of the man behind the holiday.”

The Perils of Pandemic Parenting

“Obedience, parenting, and how we can get better.”

3:00pm Worship: The Hour for Giving Christ Our Utmost Attention

“The moment when God gave his life for you.”

It’s Time to Restore the Sunday Obligation

“God did not come to us virtually, but came and continues to come in the flesh.”

Abolishing Truth: The Equality and Do No Harm Act

Truth is when our thoughts and reality align, it is not determined by the powerful.

Our Obligation to Go Back to Church in Person

“The physical contact created with God through worship is vital to following him and cannot be met through virtual means.”

Ashes to Ashes: Lent Restores All

All things are made new, in Him.

Wearing Ashes (and your faith) in Secular Spaces

More than ever before we need to place faith first.

Truth Commission: Lessons in Propaganda

Where do you receive your truth from?

God’s Mercy, Endures Forever

“Without measure and without cost.”

Tebow’s Passion for Life

Mission and motivation, have one.

God’s Race for Us is the Answer

God wins our hearts through a person.

The Presentation and Waiting for God

God always shows up, so wait well.

What Logic and Reason is There for Christ’s Coming?

Jesus’ life and actions fulfill God’s plan, but how specifically?

The Times Needs a Lesson on the President’s Christianity

Politics is now desiring to redefine what it means to follow Jesus.

We Need Religion: The Justin Bieber Fallacy

If we really knew Jesus, we would know that we need each other.

The Consuming Zeal of St. Paul’s Conversion

Zeal drove his life for Christ.

Neglecting the Sacred: The President’s First Words

When everything is sacred, nothing is holy.

St. Agnes: An Ancient Lesson for Today

She was all his, and gave her all to be with him.

The Thirst (Teresa/Therese) Effect

At his side, we find the answer to all our woes.

Society Crumbles Without Religion

Rejecting God allows for anything to reign.

Can I Get an Awoman?

This relativistic mind frame has a deep past which is leading to absurdity.

Jesus’ Response to Scandal

Christ’s interactions show us how he defeats every obstacle.

Christmas Past and Persisting in Hope
Thomas Griffin

How we move forward from 2020 will define us.

The Christmas Message: Make Room for God

Will you make room for Him?

A Baby is Born: A Man’s First Christmas as Dad

A focus on what really happens when God takes flesh.

The Year of St. Joseph: Learning From His Example

“The actions of Joseph teach men how to be virtuous and women and children that they deserve to be protected, trusted, and cared for.”

The Wood: From the Manger to the Cross

The link of the wood of the tree throughout salvation history.

Santa is Not a Leper

Our neighbor (and Santa) is not an outcast to be feared.

St. Joseph: To Trust and Be Just

Protector of Mary and Jesus, he always listened for God’s message.

Queen’s Gambit: Relationship Heals All

“We are made for communion, rejection of it leads only to unfilment.”

Waiting and Looking: The Magi and Shepherds

“They were never distracted from what was most important.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe: The Indisputable Miracle

The most visited site in the world bears the most undoubted miracle.

Cancelling Mother Teresa?

Remembering her 1979 Novel Peace Prize speech – would our culture cancel her?

Immaculate: Mary is Overshadowed

“God surrounds her with His love, and she chooses Him above all.”

Pray and Prepare: Advent with John the Baptist

Everything he did, pointed to Jesus. How do bring him into the forefront of our lives?

The Friars Helping to Renew the Church

Renewal is coming, in Jesus’ name and power.

The Living: A Relentless Hope

What separates us from all other religions.

St. Andrew: Going Unnoticed

The apostle who was okay with being in the shadow, shows us the way.

A Catholic Crisis in Thanksgiving?

Remember what the Church is and what she does.

Church Scandal and the Everlasting Answer
Thomas Griffin

“Don’t forget why the Church exists.”

In Defense of Pope St. John Paul II

If we know what holiness is, we know how to look at JPII

The School of Trust During Stormy Seas
Thomas Griffin

Just who is with us in our boat?

A Strategy of Terror: A Lesson in Propaganda
Thomas Griffin

Perspective does not always equal reality…

Bl. Carlo Acutis: The Example Young People Need
Thomas Griffin

“All people are born as originals, but most die as photocopies.”

Amy Coney Barrett and the Devoted Catholic
Thomas Griffin

If what we believe is true, then what exactly does this mean?

Against Sanitizing the Cross
Thomas Griffin

“Have you ever really looked at a crucifix?”

St. Therese: Love Only, With Empty Hands
Thomas Griffin

At the end of life let us go to Him with empty hands, and he will fill them, making our littleness, enough.

Take My Hand: Music for Marriage
Thomas Griffin

Take my whole life too…sacrificial love in our lifelong unions.

A Roadmap Towards Parish Conversion
Thomas Griffin

Becoming launchpads for encountering the true and living God.

Praying the Bible: To Ponder and Consume
Thomas Griffin

When read in this way, his words become alive.

Freeing Politics: The Need for Virtue
Thomas Griffin

Steering the discourse of everything we do should be the cardinal virtues.

The Catholic Church and the Political Arena
Thomas Griffin

How to navigate the story waters and confusion.

How to Become a Mother Teresa
Thomas Griffin

Her message of “I Thirst” leads the way

Jesus’ Teachings on the Eucharist
Thomas Griffin

The recipe for our relationship with God is wrapped up in the Eucharist.

Steadfast in Faith: Will he find faith on earth?
Thomas Griffin

Humanity can never be “good enough” without God.

Bishop Barron and the Social Media Experiment
Thomas Griffin

False accusations, unreasonable opinions, and hatred appear to be running the day.

Letter from a Millennial Catholic: Go to Mass
Thomas Griffin

No program will renew the Church, only a deeper immersion inside of the reality of the Eucharist will do so.

Who are the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal?
Thomas Griffin

Serving the poor and evangelizing the globe

Our Lady of Knock: The Power of a Mother’s Silence
Thomas Griffin

She says nothing, but communicates the most important truth.

Rebuilding Notre Dame
Thomas Griffin

How do we rebuild the faith that once surrounded this space?

Why is the Media Lying About the Church?
Thomas Griffin

The Associated Press’ accusation is unfounded and plain wrong. The Church gives, it does not steal.

Relentless Faith
Thomas Griffin

The Canaanite woman’s faith shows us the power of persistence in faith

St. Maximilian Kolbe and the Gift of Life
Thomas Griffin

How the man Kolbe died for provides insight into human existence.

Mary’s Role and the Rosary
Thomas Griffin

The power of Christ’s Mother is real and evident

The Guardian: A Call to Rescue
Thomas Griffin

Sometimes the rescue mission is a call to go after those right in front of us.

The Jon Steingard Problem: Does God Exist?
Thomas Griffin

What do we do with our questions about faith?

WWII and the Atomic Dilemma
Thomas Griffin

The Christian response

Mary is the Blueprint
Thomas Griffin

“She is the world’s first love.”

St. John Vianney’s Advice: Pray and Love
Thomas Griffin

Our words “rise to God like incense”, he hears our words and brings us to himself.

Happiness is Rediscovering the Natural Law
Thomas Griffin

“Come into contact with the only route to human flourishing.”

JPII and the Current Cry: We Want God
Thomas Griffin

“On the minds and hearts of many is the desire to have contact with the divine.”

The Little Sisters and the Times
Thomas Griffin

“Who are these sisters and what do they actually believe in and fight for?”

The Pursuit of Selling Everything
Thomas Griffin

“Where your treasure is, there also, will your heart be.”

Coming Home: A Return to the Sacraments
Thomas Griffin

“An experience of no longer being separated from the Mass and Confession.”

The Mass: Why Missing is No Longer an Option
Andrew Santos

“God desires to be close to those who have been separated.”

Calling All Difference Makers
Thomas Griffin

“How to respond to the present moment.”

Choosing Mary Magdalene
Thomas Griffin

“Once a personal connection is made, Mary knows who is in front of her.”

Rosa Parks, MLK and the Genesis of Change

“What keeps you going in times of trial?”

Making Judas Powerless

“Prayer, Catholic doctrine, Peter’s love, and fraternal charity.”

How The Enemy Falls
Thomas Griffin

“Placing God at the center.”

MLK is the Answer
Thomas Griffin

“Uplift society, don’t destroy it.”

Catholic Cast Aways
Thomas Griffin

“No negative reality can defeat us.”

St. Bonaventure: Lessons from the Seraphic Doctor
Andrew Santos

“Work and prayer feed the fire of love.”

Dear Future Seminarian

“A vision towards Christ.”

Heaven’s Knife: The Weapon of a Free Marriage

“Sacrificial and unconditional love is not impossible.”

St. Benedict: So Our Nation Doesn’t Fall

“Christify the world through our ordinariness.”

Which Ground Are You On?

“A lesson in how many understand the message of God and how they choose to respond to it.”

God’s Protest: “No Truth, No Peace”

“Injustice proves there is a right and wrong; there is a God.”

Pope Francis and Destroying Discouragement

“Never allow despair to take control.”

Discussing Statues: Theodore Roosevelt

“The message of the strenuous life.”

Assunta Goretti: The Mother of a Saint

“To error is human; to forgive, divine.”

When Burdened, Be With Him

“Following him makes suffering powerless.”

Pier Giorgio Frassati: The Freedom of Love
Thomas Griffin

“Grounded in faith, inspired by hope, and lived in love.”

St. Thomas: Restoration of Doubt

What should we do with our doubts?

“The Last Dance,” MJ, and the Present Moment

“The key ingredient to the success of the greatest player to ever play the game.”

Junipero Serra: Behind the Statue
Thomas Griffin

“Always forward, never back.”

Saint Peter’s Lesson
Thomas Griffin

“Christ is the one who comes to us, and changes everything.”

Worth Everything

“Where do you place Christ?”

Father’s Day: A Week Past
Thomas Griffin

“The Men That Drive Me Places”

Calming Storms: The Christian Message

“Do you not care that we are perishing?”

Turning Cheeks

“Jesus’ teachings on retaliation and the use of violence in light of the current state of society.”

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“Indeed the mystery of Christ runs the risk of being disbelieved precisely because it is so incredibly wonderful.”

St. Cryil of alexandria

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