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There are No Lepers
Where are the others? Loss of faith and our response
Saving Private Ryan and God’s Mind
“Taking Prayer to the Next Level” – Begins at 25:45
“Brining Young People Back to Church” (Begins at 16:00min)
Empty Tomb Project (Begins around 25:00mins)
Proving the Resurrection: A Fact of History (Begin at 20:00min)
“Hope in a Time of Despair”
The Eucharist is Thanksgiving
The Resurrection is a Fact: Our Unshakeable Peace
Why go back to Mass after all this time?
Worship Post-Quarantine
Thank you to all healthcare workers and first responders!
The movie Cast Away & looking out for God
Are we really not supposed to go to Mass?
The pandemic and the problem of evil
The art of giving thanks leads us to the Father

“Do you really know the living Jesus?”

Mother teresa

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