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July 2022

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati & Living in Love – Ascension Press

June 2022

Spending the Summer with God and Family – Busted Halo (6/22/22)
St. Barnabas and Parish Importance – Crisis Magazine (6/11/22)

May 2022

Truth to Roe – Crisis Magazine (5/11/22)

April 2022

Jesus’ Last Words: His Deathbed Wish – ETP (4/15/22)
A Sacred Time at Home: Holy Week with the Family – Busted Halo (4/13/22)
Finish Lent for Ignatius Martyr View – ETP (4/13/22)
Why Be Catholic If Anyone Can Be Saved? – ETP (4/1/22)

March 2022

“If My Words Are Heeded, Russia Will Be Converted.” – Love, Mary – ETP (3/25/22)
When Crosses Get Heavy: God’s Invitation to Ask for Help – Busted Halo (3/21/22)
The Ashes of Ukraine – ETP (3/2/22)

February 2022

Born of Fire: A CFR Lenten Journey – Catholic Exchange (2/18/22)

January 2022

Reaching the Post-Christian Generation – Crisis Magazine (1/17/22)
Colorado Bishop Leads the Way for Good Amidst the Flames – ETP (1/11/22)

September 2021

Our Lady of Sorrows and the Heartbeat of Faith – Crisis Magazine (9/15/21)
Having vs. Exalting the Cross – OnePeterFive (9/14/21)

August 2021

The Heart of God: Poco a Poco – ETP (8/27/21)
Diving Deeper: A School of Poco a Poco – ETP (8/25/21)
Simone Biles, Abortion, and Responding to False Teachers – ETP (8/24/21)
The Poco a Poco Podcast with the CFRs – ETP (8/20/21)
The Anti-Human Attempt to Remove Sex from Birth Certificates – Crisis Magazine (8/16/21)
St. John Vianney’s Roadmap for Crushing Evil – Crisis Magazine (8/4/21)

July 2021

A Priest on the Catholic Response to Cancel Culture – Catholic Exchange
What Did Pope Francis Do and Why? – ETP
St. Benedict: Withdrawing From the World to Save It – Crisis Magazine
Staying With the Catholic Church – Catholic Exchange
Washington’s Inaugural Address: Rely on Truth and God – ETP
We Need the Freedom that Built America – Crisis Magazine

May 2021

Rescue Missions at Dunkirk and Pentecost – Catholic Answers (5/26/21)
The Sweetest Obligation Ever Imposed – Catholic Answers (5/17/21)
Choosing Matthias: Much More Than Mere Casting Lots – Ascension Press (5/14/20)
Anamnesis and the Key to Mass – Ascension Press (5/12/21)
The Most Political and Misguided Year in Sports – Crisis Magazine (5/4/21)

April 2021

The Church Should Not Return to Normal – Crisis Magazine (4/23/21)
Cardinal Dolan is Right: It’s Time to Get Back to Church in Person – The Federalist (4/21/21)
John the Baptist: Pay Attention – Ascension Press (4/14/21)
Habits for Holiness: A Mission of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal – Catholic Exchange (4/9/21)
Holy Saturday: Between Despair and Hope – The Federalist (4/3/21)
A World in Crisis Needs Good Friday – Crisis Magazine (4/2/21)
Religion, Culture and Pandemic Worship – Catholic Exchange (4/1/21)

March 2021

The Annunciation’s Message to Women and Culture – Crisis Magazine (3/25/21)
Turning to St. Joseph as a Rookie Father – Busted Halo (3/19/21)
Calling Forth Faith: St. Patrick and St. Joseph – Catholic Exchange (3/18/21)
There’s A Lot More to St. Patrick Than Shamrocks and Guinness – The Federalist (3/15/21)
The Perils of Pandemic Parenting – Crisis Magazine (3/15/21)
3:00pm Worship: The Hour of Giving Christ Our Utmost Attention – Busted Halo (3/12/21)

February 2021

It’s Time to Restore the Sunday Obligation – Crisis Magazine (2/25/21)
Abolishing Truth: The Equality and Do No Harm Act – LifeSiteNews (2/16/21)
Our Obligation to Go Back to Church in Person – The Federalist (2/19/21)
Ashes to Ashes: Lent Restores All – Catholic Exchange (2/17/21)
Wearing Ashes (and your faith) in Secular Spaces – Busted Halo (2/17/21)
Truth Commission: Lessons in Propaganda – Crisis Magazine (2/10/21)
God’s Mercy, Endures Forever – Catholic Exchange (2/8/21)
Tebow’s Passion for Life – ETP (2/5/21)
God’s Race for Us is the Answer – Ascension Press (2/3/21)
The Presentation and Waiting for God – Catholic Exchange (2/1/19)
What Logic and Reason is There for Christ’s Coming? – Catholic Exchange (2/1/21)

January 2021

The Times Needs a Lesson on the President’s Christianity – The Federalist (1/28/21)
We Need Religion: The Justin Bieber Fallacy – ETP (1/27/21)
The Consuming Zeal of St. Paul’s Conversion – Catholic Exchange (1/25/21)
Neglecting the Sacred: The President’s First Words – ETP – (1/22/21)
St. Agnes: An Ancient Lesson for Today – Catholic Exchange (1/21/21)
The Thirst (Terese/Therese) Effect – Ascension Press (1/18/21)
Society Crumbles Without Religion – ETP (1/13/21)
Can I Get an Awoman? – Crisis Magazine (1/5/21)
Jesus’ Response to Scandal – Catholic Exchange (1/4/21)

December 2020

Christmas Past and Persisting in Hope – ETP (12/31/20)
The Christmas Message: Make Room for God – Long Island Catholic (12/25/20)
A Baby is Born: A Man’s First Christmas as Dad – Ascension Press (12/23/20)
The Year of St. Joseph: Learning from His Example – The Federalist (12/23/20)
The Wood: From the Manger to the Cross – Catholic Exchange (12/22/20)
Santa is Not a Leper – Crisis Magazine (12/22/20)
St. Joseph: To Trust and Be Just – MT28Project (12/20/20)
Queen’s Gambit: Relationship Heals All – ETP (12/18/20)
Waiting and Looking: The Magi and Shepherds – Aleteia (12/25/18)
Our Lady of Guadalupe: The Indisputable Miracle – ETP (12/12/20)
Cancelling Mother Teresa? – ETP (12/10/20)
Immaculate: Mary is Overshadowed – ETP (12/8/20)
Pray and Prepare: Advent with John the Baptist – Busted Halo (12/4/20)
The Friars Helping to Renew the Church – Catholic Exchange (12/4/20)
The Living: A Relentless Hope – Ascension Press (12/2/20)

November 2020

St. Andrew: Going Unnoticed – ETP (11/30/20)
A Catholic Crisis in Thanksgiving? – ETP (11/25/20)
Church Scandal and the Everlasting Answer – ETP (11/20/20)
In Defense of Pope St. John Paul II – ETP (11/18/20)
The School of Trust During Stormy Seas – Ascension Press (11/4/20)

October 2020

A Strategy of Terror: A Lesson in Propaganda – ETP (10/22/20)
Bl. Carlo Acutis: The Example Young People Need – Ascension Press (10/15/20)
Amy Coney Barrett and the Devoted Catholic – ETP (10/13/20)
Against Sanitizing the Cross – ETP (10/5/20)
St. Therese: Love Only, With Empty Hands – Catholic Exchange (10/1/20)

September 2020

Take My Hand: Music for Marriage – ETP (9/24/20)
A Roadmap Towards Parish Conversion – Ascension Press (9/18/20)
Freeing Politics: The Need for Virtue – ETP (9/15/20)
The Catholic Church and the Political Arena – ETP (9/8/20)
How to Become a Mother Teresa – Aleteia (9/5/20)
Jesus’ Teachings on the Eucharist – Ascension Press (9/4/20)


Steadfast in Faith: Will he find faith on earth? – ETP (8/31/20)
Bishop Barron and the Social Media Experiment – ETP (8/27/20)
Letter from a Millennial Catholic: Go to Mass – Crisis Magazine (8/24/20)
Who are the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal? – Ascension Press (8/24/20)
Our Lady of Knock: The Power of a Mother’s Silence – Catholic Digest (8/21/20)
Rebuilding Notre Dame – ETP (8/19/20)
Why is the Media Lying About the Church? – Crisis Magazine (8/17/20)
St. Maximilian Kolbe and the Gift of Life – Ascension Press (8/14/20)
Mary’s Role and the Rosary – ETP (8/13/20)
The Guardian: A Call to Rescue – ETP (8/12/20)
The Jon Steingard Problem: Does God Exist? – ETP (8/10/20)
WWII and the Atomic Dilemma – ETP (8/6/20)
Mary is the Blueprint – Catholic Exchange (8/5/20)
St. John Vianney’s Advice: Pray and Love – ETP (8/4/20)
Happiness is Rediscovering the Natural Law – ETP (8/3/20)

JULY 2020

JPII and the Current Cry: We Want God – Ascension Press (7/24/20)
The Pursuit of Selling Everything – ETP (7/26/20)
Coming Home: A Return to the Sacraments – Busted Halo (7/25/20)
The Mass: Why Missing is No Longer an Option – ETP: Andrew Santos (7/24/20)
Calling All Difference Makers – ETP (7/23/20)
Rosa Parks, MLK, and the Genesis of Change – ETP (7/21/20)
Making Judas Powerless – ETP (7/20/20)
How the Enemy Falls – ETP (7/18/20)
MLK is the Answer – ETP (7/17/20)
Catholic Cast Aways – ETP (7/16/20)
St. Bonaventure: Lessons from the Seraphic Doctor – ETP: Andrew Santos (7/15/20)
Dear Future Seminarian – ETP: Dan McQuillan (7/14/20)
Heaven’s Knife: The Weapon of a Free Marriage – ETP (7/13/20)
St. Benedict: So Our Nation Doesn’t Fall – ETP (7/11/20)
Which Ground Are You On? – ETP (7/10/20)
God’s Protest: “No Truth, No Peace” – ETP (7/9/20)
Pope Francis and Destroying Discouragement – (7/8/20) – ETP
Let Teddy Stay – (7/7/20) – Crisis Magazine
Assunta Goretti: The Mother of a Saint – (7/6/20) – ETP: Andrew Santos
When Burdened, Be With Him (7/5/20) – ETP
Pier Giorgio Frassati and Living in Love (7/4/20) – Ascension Press
St. Thomas: Restoration of Doubt (7/3/20) – ETP
“The Last Dance,” Michael Jordan, and the Theology of the Present Moment (7/2/20) – Ascension Press
Junipero Serra: Behind the Statue (7/1/20) – ETP

JUNE 2020

Saint Peter’s Lesson (6/29/20) – ETP
Worth Everything (6/28/20) – ETP
Father’s Day: A Week Past (6/27/20) – ETP
Calming Storms: The Christian Message (6/26/20) – ETP
Turning Cheeks & Flipping Tables: Christ’s Teachings on Retaliation (6/22/20) – Ascension Press
Preparing for Confession: The BAKER Method (6/15/20) – Ascension Press
God, “Why have you done this?” (6/10/20) – Ascension Press
Lessons from Worshipping in Exile (6/5/20) – Catholic Exchange

MAY 2020

Connections Between God’s Glory and the Holy Spirit (5/28/20) – Ascension Press
Praying the Bible: To Ponder and Consume (5/26/20) – Ascension Press
St. Joanna’s Two Powerful Gospel Appearances (5/23/20) – Ascension Press
We Need Humble Feet to Stand With Jesus (5/7/20) – Catholic Exchange
Choosing Matthias: Much More Than Mere Casting Lots (5/14/20) – Ascension Press

APRIL 2020

St. Mary Magdalene Shows Us the Joy of the Resurrection (4/30/20) – Catholic Exchange


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