Diving Deeper: A School of Poco a Poco

Thomas Griffin 8/25/21

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The Poco a Poco Podcast by The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal is an amazing witness to the spirit of St. Francis and a facilitator of a deep encounter with the gaze of Jesus Christ. The mission of this endeavor is to provide the opportunity for listeners to jump more intentionally into the words shared by the CFRs so that our listening leads to deep renewal.

To accomplish this task the battle plans are twofold. First and foremost, listen to the podcast when your attention is most focused on their words and message. That may sound obvious, but these days we are so inundated with constant noise that we can too easily forget that it is not the noise we desire but the inspiration of the truth. There are also a multitude of resources in the faith out there. For both new and veteran listeners alike, however, Poco a Poco simply does something different to the heart. 

Taking this step to another level would be either writing down notes or words that strongly strike you during the podcast or doing so as soon as the episode ends. An easy way to do this would be to use voice command on your phone, buy a small journal, or begin a folder in Google Drive where you can store documents on each episode or season. 

Second, it is highly encouraged to listen to the podcast with friends or family members. If it is possible to watch the video version, provided by Spirit Juice Studios on Youtube, that is most likely best. But even if this means you listen to it alone while you drive or work out, you can always send the links to others. This enables us to have someone we can speak with about the podcast when it is done.

Therefore, we listen ourselves and then flush out the meat of the episode in our own words allowing for a deeper understanding and digestion of the material. Doing so is not only proven to increase the retention level of the message in our memory, but allows for deeper conversion with others in the faith (whether they be a spouse, family member, coworker, priest, etc.).

These tips will place us in the best position to journey together through these inspiring episodes as often as we can. My goal is to allow the friars, and Christ, to do the talking and simply become a conduit for their words to transform our lives so that our lives can renew the world.

What has become powerfully evident is that the Poco a Poco podcast is and can change lives. Not just because the CFRs have a special charism for our time, not because these specific priests are scholars or have personalities that captivate the masses, but simply because their entire lives are oriented towards getting to know Jesus better and bringing others to his feet along the way.

So, let’s dive deeper every week that we can. Because doing so will change us, little-by-little, into the men and women God is molding us to be.  

Thomas Griffin teaches at a Catholic high school on Long Island and lives with his wife and son. He writes for several Catholic media outlets.

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