In Defense of Pope St. John Paul II

Thomas Griffin 11/18/20 A New York Times article was published on Saturday, November 14th concerning the “damning evidence” against the sanctity of Pope St. John Paul II. “Saint too Soon? Vatican Report Cast John Paul II in Harsh New Light” was written by Jason Horowitz who clearly, although implicitly has issues with the Catholic Church.Continue reading “In Defense of Pope St. John Paul II”

The School of Trust During Stormy Seas

Thomas Griffin (11/4/20) The School of Trust During Stormy Seas – Ascension Press (11/4/20) EXCERPT: “There is no greater message from God: He is here, with us—and he is trustworthy.  Given the turmoil of the past six months, these words are difficult for some to accept. Quarantines, social distancing, illness of friends and loved ones,Continue reading “The School of Trust During Stormy Seas”

A Strategy of Terror: A Lesson in Propaganda

Thomas Griffin (10/22/20) “At the bottom of their hearts the great masses of people are more likely to be poisoned than to be consciously and deliberately bad. In the primitive simplicity of their minds they are more easily victimized by a large than by a small lie.” The author of these chilling words, Adolf Hitler.Continue reading “A Strategy of Terror: A Lesson in Propaganda”

Bl. Carlo Acutis: The Example Young People Need

Thomas Griffin (10/16/20) Bl. Carlo Acutis: The Example Young People Need – Ascension Press (10/15/20) Excerpt: “All people are born as originals, but most die as photocopies.”  Blessed Carlo Acutis preached this message as a call for people of all ages to never settle for mediocrity. Born in Italy, May 1991, this first “millennial” toContinue reading “Bl. Carlo Acutis: The Example Young People Need”

Amy Coney Barrett and the Devoted Catholic

Thomas Griffin (10/13/20) The runner-up to Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the race for the last Supreme Court Justice was Amy Coney Barrett. Most major news outlets summarize her in a similar vein to these opening lines from a recent Associated Press piece: “A devout Catholic mother of seven, she is a favorite of religious conservativesContinue reading “Amy Coney Barrett and the Devoted Catholic”