Guardian Angels and God’s Fatherhood

Thomas Griffin 9/29/22 (For Follow My Blog Read “Empty Tomb Project: The Magazine” READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE Excerpt: “So many people, even Catholics, will overlook the importance of the feasts of the Guardian Angels and Archangels because we are speaking about immaterial beings. The angels we celebrate are not human beings. However, weContinue reading “Guardian Angels and God’s Fatherhood”

The Logic of Christ’s Coming

Thomas Griffin 8/30/22 (For Follow My Blog Read “Empty Tomb Project: The Magazine” Excerpt: Read the entire article HERE “The rest of the Bible recounts how God draws near to Israel, forgives them mercifully, and highlights how the Israelites consistently reject, deny, and ignore God. Some of the major figures from the Old TestamentContinue reading “The Logic of Christ’s Coming”

Jesus’ Place in the Assumption

Thomas Griffin 8/14/22 (For Follow Empty Tomb Project Excerpt: Read the Full Article HERE “Mary is assumed because of spiritual physics and her literal holiness… With Mary, we see that this promise is fulfilled. She lived free from the reign of the serpent. She experienced the weight of human sin (temptation) but she neverContinue reading “Jesus’ Place in the Assumption”

Empty Tomb Project: The Magazine (August ’22 Issue)

Thomas Griffin (8/4/22) Follow My Blog Thomas Griffin is the chairperson of the religion department at a Catholic high school on Long Island where he lives with his wife and son. He has a masters degree in theology and is currently a masters candidate in philosophy. He writes for several media outlets. Follow My BlogContinue reading “Empty Tomb Project: The Magazine (August ’22 Issue)”

Will You Spend Time with Him This Summer?

Thomas Griffin 7/18/22 (For Crisis Magazine) Follow My Blog Summer can be a wasteland for spiritual growth.  There are countless positives about summertime. Most people take the majority of their vacation time in the summer months because of the weather and because their children are not in school. That leaves more opportunity for fathers andContinue reading “Will You Spend Time with Him This Summer?”