A World in Crisis Needs Good Friday

Thomas Griffin 4/2/21 (For Crisis Magazine) The story of Holy Week recounts the historical events surrounding Jesus’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection; but it also pinpoints common failures of humanity while providing the antidote that ultimately saves us. A suffering world needs to dive into the causes of darkness that surround it and investigate deep withinContinue reading “A World in Crisis Needs Good Friday”

Religion, Culture and Pandemic Worship

Thomas Griffin 4/1/21 (For Catholic Exchange) Pandemic restrictions impacted Christian worship during their holiest of weeks in March 2020, but those regulations have had continued negative consequences on the faith throughout the course of the last year or so. This is a pivotal issue because humanity truly runs the course established by religion because ourContinue reading “Religion, Culture and Pandemic Worship”

The Annunciation’s Message to Women and Culture

Thomas Griffin 3/25/21 (For Crisis Magazine) In a time when our nation, through the Equality Act, is attempting to redefine sex as a matter of thought, and when our culture states that empowered women are those that choose themselves over family or abortion over sacrifice, Mary stands as a witness to who women are calledContinue reading “The Annunciation’s Message to Women and Culture”

Calling Forth Faith: St. Patrick and St. Joseph

Thomas Griffin 3/18/21 (For Catholic Exchange) The feast of St. Patrick (March 17th) and the feast of St. Joseph (March 19th) are often journeyed through in such quick, celebratory fashion that one can easily miss the divine intelligence which has ordained that these two men of faith be celebrated so close to one another. TheirContinue reading “Calling Forth Faith: St. Patrick and St. Joseph”

There’s A Lot More To Saint Patrick Than Shamrocks And Guinness

Thomas Griffin 3/16/21 (For The Federalist) St. Patrick’s Day often comes and goes quickly with the usual highlights of shamrock lights, pints of Guinness, and parades, staples of celebrating this saint who helped convert Ireland to Christianity more than 1,500 years ago. What often escapes notice, however, is the radical nature of Patrick’s life. So,Continue reading “There’s A Lot More To Saint Patrick Than Shamrocks And Guinness”

3:00 P.M. Worship: The Hour for Giving Christ Our Utmost Attention

Thomas Griffin 3/12/21 (For Busted Halo) One day, on a visit to an old seminary in my diocese, I found myself alone in a chapel which was devoted solely to Eucharistic adoration. I had ventured to the seminary for some private prayer since I had no plans for the day and was desiring some extraContinue reading “3:00 P.M. Worship: The Hour for Giving Christ Our Utmost Attention”

It’s Time to Restore the Sunday Obligation

Thomas Griffin 2/25/21 (For Crisis Magazine) The time has come for Catholics to return to Mass in person, and the time has come for bishops to restore the Sunday Mass obligation. Catholics are not missing the sacrifice of the Mass because of COVID-19, they are skipping Mass because they simply do not think it isContinue reading “It’s Time to Restore the Sunday Obligation”

Abolishing Truth: The Equality and Do No Harm Act

Thomas Griffin 2/23/21 Currently, the number of executive orders signed by President Biden has eclipsed the forty-mark while reversals of Trump policies and heated debates between Democrats and Republicans are guaranteed to continue regarding what is best for the future of the country. Both sides claim they are right; they each claim to be onContinue reading “Abolishing Truth: The Equality and Do No Harm Act”