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Thomas Griffin is the chair of the religion department at a Catholic high school on Long Island and lives with his wife and son. He received a master’s degree in theology and is currently a masters candidate in philosophy. He writes for several Catholic media outlets.

The Empty Tomb Project is an endeavor to bring Christ to the forefront of the culture through a focus on the defining doctrine of the Christian faith: the resurrection. If the resurrection is a fact of history, it changes everything and we can be assured of the fact (not opinion) that Jesus is not dead, but alive. 

If the tomb is really empty, how are we called to meet him and live for God each day? This project hopes to be a guide for the answer to that question by providing dynamic Catholic content through articles, videos, and other forms of media.

Guest Columnists

Andrew Santos

Andrew Santos lives in Rochester, NY with his wife Emily and their two sons, Dominic (28 months) and Damian (9 months). He has bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Theology from St. John’s University. He enjoys camping, hiking, reading Tolkien, and wrestling his sons.

Daniel McQuillan

Dan McQuillan is a graduate of St. John’s University where he studied philosophy and theology. He teaches literature and writes from Rhode Island.

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ETP provides evidence for and contact with the risen and living Jesus Christ through dynamic media content.

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