Elf: A Story of Our Need for the Father

Thomas Griffin 12/23/22 Read “Empty Tomb Project: The Magazine” David Berenbaum was the screenwriter for the now Christmas classic, Elf, starring Will Ferrell as an elf named Buddy. Recently, a Netflix documentary “The Christmas Movies That Made Us” was released which captured amazing footage and backstories concerning the production of the film. Similar to soContinue reading “Elf: A Story of Our Need for the Father”

It’s A Wonderful (And True) Life

FROM SILVER SCREEN COLLECTION/GETTY IMAGES Thomas Griffin 12/25/22 Read “Empty Tomb Project: The Magazine” So many watch the 1946 classic It’s a Wonderful Life each year during the Christmas season. For my family’s first year with our son Benedict we will start the tradition of watching it on Christmas Day. What is it about thisContinue reading “It’s A Wonderful (And True) Life”

Bishop Barron’s Words on President Biden

Thomas Griffin 12/2/22 Follow My Blog Read “Empty Tomb Project: The Magazine” As abortion laws continue to drive headlines across America, Bishop Robert Barron (a renowned Catholic speaker, writer, founder of Word on Fire Ministries and recently installed bishop of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester in southern Minnesota) published one of the few written critiques byContinue reading “Bishop Barron’s Words on President Biden”

St. Andrew: Alright Outside the Spotlight

Thomas Griffin 11/30/22 Follow My Blog Read “Empty Tomb Project: The Magazine” Known as “Peter’s brother,” Andrew is the one who introduces Peter to Jesus – and changes his life forever. The following quote by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI highlights the need to live for the vision of St. Andrew.   “Andrew had previously been aContinue reading “St. Andrew: Alright Outside the Spotlight”

Our Education System Needs Catholic Schools

Thomas Griffin 11/17/22 Follow My Blog Read “Empty Tomb Project: The Magazine” The realm of education in America has been the source of constant debate and egregious malfunction for decades. As a result of the pandemic and discussions concerning what type of morality should be taught to our youth, the conversation has escalated. It isContinue reading “Our Education System Needs Catholic Schools”