Our Obligation to Go Back to Church in Person

Thomas Griffin 2/19/21 (THE FEDERALIST) Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron of the archdiocese of Detroit is making headlines for his efforts to push Catholic parishes and other religious groups to return to normal, pre-COVID worship services. On Feb. 9, Vigneron issued a statement noting his diocese will remove the dispensation put in place last March excusing Catholics fromContinue reading “Our Obligation to Go Back to Church in Person”

The Presentation and Waiting for God

Thomas Griffin 2/2/21 Excerpt: The next step after Jesus’ birth would be to present him for circumcision in the Temple eight days later according to Genesis 17:12. Circumcision was one of the constitutive elements of the covenant made between Abraham and Yahweh. After forty days were completed Mary and Joseph were to go to theContinue reading “The Presentation and Waiting for God”

The Times Needs a Lesson on the President’s Christianity

Thomas Griffin 1/28/21 The Times Needs a Lesson on Christianity – The Federalist (1/28/21) Excerpt: “Biden’s Catholic faith grounds his life and policies.” This is the text in the photo caption of a New York Times article by Elizabeth Dias. Entitled “In Biden’s Catholic Faith, an Ascendant Liberal Christianity”, the Dias applauds Biden for being “theContinue reading “The Times Needs a Lesson on the President’s Christianity”