Guardian Angels and God’s Fatherhood

Thomas Griffin 9/29/22 (For

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Excerpt: “So many people, even Catholics, will overlook the importance of the feasts of the Guardian Angels and Archangels because we are speaking about immaterial beings. The angels we celebrate are not human beings. However, we all know that invisible realities are out there. Simply because we cannot see them does not mean they are not real. Jesus Christ comes to destroy the powers of evil and sin and death–all invisible realities that cannot be seen for themselves, but that are certainly impacting our world.

Today, let us allow the power of the Archangels and Guardian Angels to aid us in seeing something about God that we tend to overlook at times. As a perfect Father, He desires for us to be protected, for us to understand His plan and for us to have guidance on our journey to Him.

In the angels, His Fatherhood shines bright. So, let’s catch a glimpse of that light today. 

All you angels and saints, pray for us. “

Thomas Griffin is the chairperson of the religion department at a Catholic high school on Long Island where he lives with his wife and son. He has a masters degree in theology and is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Empty Tomb Project: The Magazine. He writes for several media outlets.

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