Shia Lebouf, Transformed?

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Thomas Griffin 8/28/22 (For The Federalist)

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“I am an all-immersion person,” Lebouf claimed. This stood out to him about the friars he began to live with and share his wounds with. It was in “letting go” that he found that God was real and made a real difference in his life. The sacredness of being in the chapel and attending Mass began giving him real peace while also giving him the experience of forgiveness and knowing that his past did not define him.

Historically speaking, what happened to LaBeouf has happened to countless Christians. From St. Augustine to St. Francis and all the way back to St. Paul. Jesus often becomes most real and life-changing when people are at their absolute lowest point. He offers a way out for the sinner who thinks that everything is over. This is a major reason why LaBeouf’s story is circulating so quickly and why it can be trusted as authentic.

His past is not a reason to question if it is true but another piece of evidence for it being the real deal. He does not appear to be a guy who sat around memorizing his words like he does a script. He often takes long pauses and finds his experience difficult to describe — a common quality of gratitude for a supernatural encounter and transformation. LaBeouf’s story is the hallmark of what happens to sinful people (all of us) when we truly encounter God.

Thomas Griffin is the chairperson of the religion department at a Catholic high school on Long Island where he lives with his wife and son. He has a masters degree in theology and is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Empty Tomb Project: The Magazine. He writes for several media outlets.

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