It’s Time to Restore the Sunday Obligation

Thomas Griffin 2/25/21 (For Crisis Magazine) The time has come for Catholics to return to Mass in person, and the time has come for bishops to restore the Sunday Mass obligation. Catholics are not missing the sacrifice of the Mass because of COVID-19, they are skipping Mass because they simply do not think it isContinue reading “It’s Time to Restore the Sunday Obligation”

Neglecting the Sacred: The President’s First Words

Thomas Griffin 1/22/21 President Joe Biden’s inauguration address contained several mentions of faith, a pause for silent prayer as well multiple occasions invoking God’s name and protection for unity to reign in our country. These are objectively good things which are needed for our time and circumstances. The second Catholic president also mentioned a quoteContinue reading “Neglecting the Sacred: The President’s First Words”

The Thirst (Teresa/Therese) Effect

Thomas Griffin 1/19/21 The Thirst (Teresa/Therese) Effect – Ascension Press (1/13/21) Excerpt: ” The present situation of the world, with all of its challenges and sufferings, carries at least one benefit: many of us have more time for prayer than ever before. “Moments of reflection” are increasingly part of our daily lives, at least forContinue reading “The Thirst (Teresa/Therese) Effect”

St. Joseph: To Trust and Be Just

Thomas Griffin (12/20/20) Originally Published for MT28Project – (3/18/20) We do not have a tremendous amount of details about the step-father of Jesus, and he actually never speaks a word in the Scriptures. However, one description that best encapsulates his life is this: Joseph was a “righteous man” (Mt 1:19). This term is highly specificContinue reading “St. Joseph: To Trust and Be Just”