The Catholic Church and the Political Arena

Thomas Griffin (9/8/20) Since Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate, there have been Catholic responses that run the gamut. Some are more convinced than ever that Biden is ingenuine in his Catholic faith because of Harris’ previous attacks on major tenets of the faith. Some are excited about his choice becauseContinue reading “The Catholic Church and the Political Arena”

Steadfast in Faith: Will he find faith on earth?

Thomas Griffin (8/31/20) Many Catholic books concerning theology and practice fill the shelves of our books stores, and the databases of Amazon. However, Steadfast in Faith: Catholicism and the Challenges of Secularism by David Bonagura stands out as a tremendous witness to the beautiful corpus of history, doctrine, and impact the Catholic Church has hadContinue reading “Steadfast in Faith: Will he find faith on earth?”

Bishop Barron and the Social Media Experiment

Thomas Griffin (8/27/20) Bishop Robert Barron has arguably done more for the Catholic Church in the modern world than any singular person, lay or clergy, in the past twenty years. His videos and content reach hundreds of thousands of viewers each day and provide rich encounters with the Catholic faith and the person of ChristContinue reading “Bishop Barron and the Social Media Experiment”

The Jon Steingard Problem: Does God Exist?

Thomas Griffin (8/10/20) Jon Steingard was a pivotal figure in the success of a Christian band named Hawk Nelson who he led as lead singer and guitarist. His recent statements regarding the existence of God have catapulted him into the national spotlight. After leading Christian concerts for years, which often include prayerful encounters, he hasContinue reading “The Jon Steingard Problem: Does God Exist?”

Happiness is Rediscovering the Natural Law

Thomas Griffin (8/3/20) Navigating the news cycles, social media spheres, and circumstances of everyday life can become overwhelming, exhausting, and downright depressing. Countless personalities, icons, and ordinary folk are clearly in a state of anxious impatience. We want a virtuous ethics to return to the light of day and dispel the darkness of might makesContinue reading “Happiness is Rediscovering the Natural Law”

The Resurrection is a Fact: Unshakeable Peace

Thomas Griffin (7/31/20) Description: Fear, depression and anxiety appear to run the day for so many people in our world today, but Christ offers us something so much more. One of his first words to the disciples, when he has them all together, after the resurrection is: “Peace, be with you.” In this word, peace,Continue reading “The Resurrection is a Fact: Unshakeable Peace”

The Little Sisters and the Times

Thomas Griffin (7/27/20) Gail Collins of the New York Times recently wrote an article entitled “Sex, Sisters, and Dr. Donald” which makes extravagant claims against the mission and apparently evil existence  of the Little Sisters of the Poor, the misguided and ignorant spirituality of the Catholic Church as one focused on the heart, and theContinue reading “The Little Sisters and the Times”