Our Lady of Guadalupe: The Indisputable Miracle

Thomas Griffin 12/12/20 The appearance of the Mother of God to a peasant named Juan Diego in the 16th century is arguably one of the most powerful and undeniably miraculous events in the last two thousand years. On December 9, 1531 he was walking through the hill country named Tepeyac on his way to attendContinue reading “Our Lady of Guadalupe: The Indisputable Miracle”

The Living: A Relentless Hope

Thomas Griffin 12/2/20 “The Living: A Relentless Hope” – Ascension Press (12/2/20) Excerpt: “The Christians of the first century often referred to themselves as followers of “the Way.” They also called themselves “the Living.” The idea was analogous to the saying, “Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives.” Among the social classes and religions ofContinue reading “The Living: A Relentless Hope”

Amy Coney Barrett and the Devoted Catholic

Thomas Griffin (10/13/20) The runner-up to Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the race for the last Supreme Court Justice was Amy Coney Barrett. Most major news outlets summarize her in a similar vein to these opening lines from a recent Associated Press piece: “A devout Catholic mother of seven, she is a favorite of religious conservativesContinue reading “Amy Coney Barrett and the Devoted Catholic”