A Roadmap Towards Parish Conversion

Thomas Griffin (9/19/20) A Roadmap Towards Parish Conversion – Ascension Press (9/18/20) Excerpt: Parishes are meant to be “centres conducive to an encounter with Christ” (3) which leads others to view the Church, not strictly as an institution or body of spiritual governance, but a location where God is truly and evidently moving and present.Continue reading “A Roadmap Towards Parish Conversion”

Praying the Bible: To Ponder and Consume

Thomas Griffin (9/17/20) Praying the Bible: To Ponder and Consume – Ascension Press (5/26/20) Excerpt: “The mission and motive of this prayer is to read a Gospel passage, or any Bible passage, slowly and intently which will place the reader in direct and divine contact with God. Praying a passage is different than reading it, the priestContinue reading “Praying the Bible: To Ponder and Consume”

Letter from a Millennial Catholic: Go to Mass

Go to Mass – Crisis Magazine (8/24/20) Excerpt: “There have been countless reforms proposed for the Catholic Church. There seems to be a disenchantment with God, Church, and worship that can only be described as an attack on the divine. Those inside and outside the Church attempt to expound on the elephant in the room orContinue reading “Letter from a Millennial Catholic: Go to Mass”

Who are the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal?

Who are the CFRs? – Ascension Press – (8/24/20) Excerpt: “The friars have made an intentional move toward using media to evangelize the world through their YouTube channel, their Ascension videos, and a music album. These are great examples and insights into the work, sincerity, authenticity, and prayerfulness of the CFRs. Recently, they launched anotherContinue reading “Who are the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal?”

Our Lady of Knock: The Power of a Mother’s Silence

Thomas Griffin (8/21/20) Our Lady of Knock: The Power of a Mother’s Silence – Catholic Digest (8/21/18) Excerpt: “In Knock, Ireland, the Mother of God appeared in a simple but profound way. It was the evening of Aug. 21, 1879, when she appeared to 15 people on the wall of a parish church. Accompanying MaryContinue reading “Our Lady of Knock: The Power of a Mother’s Silence”

Why is the Media Lying About the Church?

Thomas Griffin (8/17/20) Why is the Media Lying about Church Finances? – Crisis Magazine (8/17/20) Excerpt: “The Associated Press released a dubious report claiming the Catholic Church in the United States received over $1.4 billion in Covid-19 aid which was used, in part, as payoff money for families who have experienced sexual abuse by priests.Continue reading “Why is the Media Lying About the Church?”