The Little Sisters and the Times

Thomas Griffin (7/27/20) Gail Collins of the New York Times recently wrote an article entitled “Sex, Sisters, and Dr. Donald” which makes extravagant claims against the mission and apparently evil existence  of the Little Sisters of the Poor, the misguided and ignorant spirituality of the Catholic Church as one focused on the heart, and theContinue reading “The Little Sisters and the Times”

St. Bonaventure: Lessons from the Seraphic Doctor

Andrew Santos (7/15/20) “In all your deeds and words you should look upon this Jesus as your model.” -St. Bonaventure Throughout the history of the Church, there have been men and women who place love of Christ as the paramount purpose of life. St. Bonaventure was no exception to the rule. St. Bonaventure was bornContinue reading “St. Bonaventure: Lessons from the Seraphic Doctor”

St. Benedict: So Our Nation Doesn’t Fall

Thomas Griffin (7/11/20) Benedict was born in Norcia, Italy in 480 A.D. towards the end of the rule of the Roman Empire. His parents were wealthy and he lived an ordinary life for the social class he found himself in. He was schooled in his hometown and as a bright student went to Rome toContinue reading “St. Benedict: So Our Nation Doesn’t Fall”